Process and Procedure

Using masks, eye protection, bodysuits, gloves and footwear protection the crew gets ready to work.

Once suited up, the crew will re-assess the job site and scope.  Our mission is to make your space free from viruses and other bacteria.  

Following is a list of the services we will provide.  You will note that unlike some of the companies that will try to use scare tactics and scientific terms that you do not understand, we keep it simple and keep our prices reasonable.

  • Using EPA “N” List registered and other products we will sanitize and clean the premises.
  • This includes all hard and porous surfaces.
  • Using electrostatic and other dispensing equipment and Hepa vacuums we will spray, scrub and otherwise clean all floors (including deep cleaning of carpets and rugs), walls, fixtures, kitchen/cafeteria facilities, lavatory facilities, trash receptacles, window treatments, chairs, doorknobs & handles and on and on.  We also take care of your attic and basement spaces.  Of course, all of our equipment is cleaned and sanitized after and before each job.
  • We will remove and properly dispose of all garbage and waste materials that we find or create.
  • Once the initial job is complete, we offer subscription services (monthly or quarterly) to keep your space safe and clean.