Baystate Wildlife Is Now Offering Virucidal Sanitizing
Baystate Virucidal Services is a Division of Baystate Wildlife Management

COVID-19 is quickly reshaping how people all over the world will view and handle viruses and other contagious disease prevention going forward in life. The reality is that there are many other viruses and diseases that are very contagious and proper precautions are mandatory.

Don't let our name deceive you!

Baystate Wildlife Management has been in the business of sanitizing and cleaning commercial and residential spaces for over 20 years.

It all started when our customers asked us if we could do clean-up after they had wildlife encroaching into their homes. Wildlife feces can cause over 40 types of respiratory infections and disease including Histoplasmosis.

In addition, wildlife encroachment can cause mites, bat bugs and on and on. We learned early on that not only did we have to help our clients get the critters out of their homes, but we also needed to help them clean up.

Whether it is your home, business, school, commercial space or other space, we can handle Virucidal/Germicidal Sanitizing and cleaning for you.

Our crews are experienced and trained to do the job correctly. Baystate is referred and recommended by Boards of Health and Animal Control departments all over New England. Why is that? Because they know that we will take care of you. From single-family residences to multi-family residences, condo/apartment complexes, commercial spaces, schools, houses of worship and on and on, we are to help you create and maintain a safe environment for you, your family, staff and those who rely upon you to keep them safe.

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Bay State Wildlife